About us

Entorno Bengaluru

ENTORNO BENGALURU is a Bengaluru-based multi-disciplinary architectural practice established in 2011.
Entorno demonstrates a commitment to the implementation of sustainable yet innovative architecture, and within each project, they conceptualise all aspects of the architectural process: master planning, formal architecture, interior design, landscaping, lighting and furniture design.
Entorno is interested in creative solutions to the issues that face all of us - how to build sustainably; how to create diverse and delightful environments; how the built environment can create and enhance a sense of community; how we can achieve density yet improve amenity; how do we make buildings meaningful and loved; what do we mean by a good building? Entorno continues research into these broad issues, while delivering specific crafted projects that incorporate the results of this speculative process into their fabric.
Projects aim to be generous, improving the lot of the owner, the end user, the precinct, the city at large as well as the broader environment.

Our projects